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  1. The Blackbird XLC is our most popular model, it's a larger, modular version of the Warbonnet Blackbird and fits users up to 6'6″. ESTIMATED LEAD TIME: (lead time for production prior to shipping) In stock: Ships in 1-2 Business Days Backordered: Ships 5-10 Business Days . Watch SweetSpot Rideline Level Vide
  2. Warbonnet outdoors blackbird XLC hammock Blackbird XLC är Warbonnets större variant på Blackbird. Dimensionerna av hammocken är ca 336×160 cm med en längd på 281 cm från ände till ände (längden på ridgelinen). Det ger dig ett överhäng med ca 28 cm i var ände av hammocken när du använder en tarp som är 3,3 meter lång
  3. Today, I go over how I set up my hammock for camping. I have a Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLC, Kelty Noah tarp, and an Arrowhead Equipment underquilt. I'll show you how I set each piece up for.
  4. dre tarp än vad som annars skulle behövas

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Warbonnet FAQ...https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/faqs/ XLC Hammock.....https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/product/blackbird-xlc/ Warbonnet hammocks....https:.. Product Description: While Warbonnet makes several different hammocks (such as a bridge design and a regular Blackbird that is a 1 ft (0.3 m) shorter in length), I chose the Blackbird XLC due to its longer length being more comfortable than the regular Blackbird as well as its lighter weight compared to a bridge hammock

Hammock (BB, XLC, or RR only), tarp, underquilt, and topquilt. details ; ful... Get Coupon . from $175. Deal . The Warbonnet Outdoors gift card is the perfect gift idea! Send a gift card to your BFF now on Warbonnet Outdoors`s gift card page. Shop with Warbonnet Outdoors Coupon,. Warbonnet Outdoors provides quality lightweight camping and backpacking hammocks, tarps, hammock under quilts & top quilts, handmade in Colorado, USA Hammock Camping Gear Setup - Warbonnet Blackbird XLC, Mamajamba Tarp, Hammock Gear Quilts PaleoHikerMD. Loading Warbonnet Outdoors 178,613 views. 7:33 The BB is good for someone up to 6′, and the XLC up to 6'6″, however folks 5'10 and above will normally have noticeably more comfort in the longer XLC, so if max comfort is a major consideration, folks 5'10-11″ should go with the longer XLC if looking for max comfort or the BB if looking for max weight savings Warbonnet BB vs XLC Author. Text. Last Visit: 09/15/2020 09:22PM Sort by. bentshaft 06/23/2018 07:58AM. Ok I am going to take the plunge and get the WBBB. Just wondering if there is any reason to jump up to the XLC. I am 5'9 and 185lbs so I thing the BB is the right.

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Updated Warbonnet XLC Blackbird Hammock In-Depth Review - Duration: 21:49. shugemery 58,775 views. 21:49. Side By Side Hammock Reviews, Jacks R Better,. Warbonnet Outdoors provides excellent videos detailing setup of the Blackbird XLC and the rest of the product line. Informational videos are also available and are an excellent resource. Their Warbonnet Blackbird XLC sells for $200 dollars base price. Adding the winter is an extra $65 After spending 3 years in the Warbonnet Blackbird XLC and a year int eh Warbonnet Ridgerunner, I provide a side by side comparison and review of the two. Man..

Jämför priser på Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLC Hängmatta. Hitta deals från 1 butiker och läs omdömen på Prisjakt specializing in high quality gear for the outdoor enthusiast; menu. search for I bought my Warbonnet Blackbird about 6 years ago. I have used it almost exclusively since. Try all the competitors like I did. This is simply the best option. With the Warbonnet Blackbird you have an ultra-light sleep system at 1/3 of the similarly weighing tent setup. (1/4 if you want to go all cuben fiber.

I know you can order each Blackbird and Blackbird XLC in the camo fabric, but what is the 'standard' non-camo color. Is the Blackbird black and the Blackbird XLC green? Looks like varies in some of the pictures on the website? TN WarBonnet Blackbird XLC + Tarp. I have decided to finally buy a camping hammock, but now that I am doing it I don't know what do choose. I know I want whoopies I know I don't want the top cover and I know I am getting the Superfly trap, but the things I don't know are,.

How to Set Up a Hammock Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLC

Warbonnet XLC/Eldorado Underquilt Protector

Det billigaste priset för Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLC Hängmatta just nu är 2 949 kr. Det är en av de 100 mest populära produkterna i kategorin Hammockar & hängmöbler. Prisjakt jämför priser och erbjudanden från nätbutiker och fysiska butiker Recent Videos. Survival Food - Grubs; Top Five Gun Cleaning Kits - A Clean Gun Means Everything; Magnificent Mite: Wilson Combat EDC X9S; Meat Preservation Concerns and Setting Snare Our take For tall folks who may have previously been dissuaded from hammocking, this might change your mind. Our 6'2 tester easily fit in the Blackbird XLC, thanks to the 11-foot length (longest in test), 62-inch width, and fixed ridgeline.I'm used to sleeping in the fetal position, but there was more than enough room for me to stretch out, he says I'm a big fan of hammocks. A good hammock is your friend in every environment. Most people think hammocks are for jungle trips, not true! I've used them in Sweden and Canada for wintercamping, on jungle trips to Borneo & beach holidays. The Blackbird is manufactured by Warbonnet located in the foothills of the Rocky [ Warbonnet Blackbird XLC. By Adrian • On February 9, 2016 March 31, 2016 • In Gear, Reviews, Uncategorized Gear, Reviews, Uncategorized Blackbird XLC, Hammock, Warbonnet 2. I'm not a hammock guy. I just want to get that out in the open right off the bat

Warbonnet Blackbird XLC (Ultimate Hammock System

Still kicking around the idea of using a hammock. After reviewing several different brands the one that seems like it would work the best for me is the Warbonnet Blackbird XLC. I was just looking for any input on anyone using Warbonnet. As always any advice is greatly appreciated The Warbonnet Blackbird XLC is by far and away the best hammock system on the market. We have tested these things in every condition imaginable and have been shocked at it's performance. The owner of SIGMA 3 went homeless by choice to travel in his warbonnet and lived out of one for 6 months. Traveling to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief, all the way up to the Canadian border camping in blizzards Hængekøjen blev en Warbonnet Blackbird 1.7 DL XLC fordi den dækkede de krav til dobbeltbund (DL) så der kunne stoppes et underlag i bunden for bedre isolation og den kunne også fås med ekstra længde (XLC) så den er 11 fod lang. Kravet var der skulle være et fast myggenet så man kan ligge uforstyrret natten igennem og ikke blive holdt vågen af myg og andre insekter

My Warbonnet Blackbird XLC and Superfly tarp setup in Northern MN. Kept me completely dry during a downpour later that night Warbonnet Blackbird Xlc. Muriel Bryan Outdoor Gear March 09th, 2020 - 01:43:45. One trouble that people who love to go for camping and other outdoor sports face is storing their outdoor gear once they are back home. You need your gear to be out of your way and not consume valuable space in your house Warbonnet Blackbird XLC vs. DreamHammock Dangerbird - pros/cons? I'm considering a new hammock for my birthday present to myself. I love the one I'm in, but an integrated bug net would be a pretty big plus to me. At 6'4 and 380lbs, these are my two options I write gear reviews for Exploremore.eu. I use hammocks all the time when I'm travelling and IMHO the Warbonnet Blackbird XLC is the best hammock out there..

Warbonnet recommends a 25-degree suspension angle when the hammock is weighted. They also recommend hanging the foot end about 12 higher than the head end. Although it looks like you will be laying upside down, this angle keeps your torso flat and your body from slowly scooching down during the night until your feet are jammed in the end Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Lightweight Double Hammock. Made in the USA by Warbonnet. Buy the hammock now and buy other accessories later that will zip right on. Zip the optional underquilt protector directly to either top to create a wind and water-resistant shell that puts hammock and underquilt inside a highly weather-resistant micro-climate

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  1. The Warbonnet Original Blackbird earns its Editors' Choice for Backcountry Shelter award by being the model we want to spend every night in and for having all the features needed for an all-weather shelter. The Blackbird is spacious, has a huge pocket inside for storage, an integrated bug net, a spacious foot box, and is easy to set up. When comparing its weight to ground-dwelling shelters, it.
  2. read. Articles Why I Made The Switch. 2 years ago . Colorado Elk Camp Thinking out of the box or non-traditionally is something that I've done for quite some time. I... Events. No events; BCBH Gear. Are you interested in.
  3. 9. Warbonnet XLC Hammock ($235 MSRP) and Super Fly Tarp System ($140.00) The Warbonnet XLC Hammock System is one of the best that you can buy on the market. It offers a wide variety of features. This hammock system has some accompanying options for consideration: closed-mosquito net and hammock quilts. The hammock works well with the Warbonnet.
  4. Review: Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Hammock As an outdoorsman, or -woman, moving from sleeping on the ground to suspended in a hammock is one of the most revolutionary steps you can take. It really changes things quite dramatically
  5. Warbonnet updated its flagship hammock, the Blackbird, this year and added a new model, the Blackbird XLC, but let's cut to the chase—we all want to know what's actually different.. Here are the four key ways Warbonnet has updated the Blackbird: 1. Removable, Shaped Bug Netting. The biggest change to the Blackbird and Blackbird XLC is an overhaul to the bug netting

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Gear Review: Warbonnet® Blackbird XLC Hammock08/24/2018>> Watch a video review of the Blackbird XLC << What can you do for a quick-setup sleep system, if you are on the go more than you are at home? Is there a modular and flexible system that travellers and adventurers can add to their kits to make sleepin Now, on to the Blackbird XLC. As with all the Warbonnet products, the quality and design is impressive. The strap system is so easy (just add a carabiner) and all you have to do is to wrap the strap around a tree and use the built in buckles to adjust the length Double layer, only used 8 nights. Like new. $150 ATTACH=CONFIG]4438 Efter min ryg ikke var så vild med Warbonnet RR, så er jeg på udkig efter en anden købe og jeg vil gerne holde mig til Warbonnet, der jeg syntes det er rigtig kvali man får for pengene. Det jeg går og fundere over er hvilken køje, jeg skal vælge da der bliver talt meget positivt om både BB og XLC

WB Blackbird XLC in the BWCA - Hammock Forums GalleryA real deal on toggles

Warbonnet Blackbird XLC. Der er stor forskel på hængekøjer, og Warbonnet er et af mange bud på gode hængekøjer. Vi har langtidstestet Blackbirk XLC, og er endelig klar til at vise dig køjen. På vores hængekøjekursus er WBB XLC et stort tilløbsstykke, og folk nyder at sove i den I've been narrowing down options and am currently considering a 12' hammock (Dream Hammock or Simply Light Designs), the Warbonnet BB XLC and the Dutchware Chameleon Wide. The most important thing to me is getting good sleep though I would like to keep the total weight of the setup (hammock, bugnet, tarp, underquilt, etc) to 4 lbs or less

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  1. After years of indecisiveness, I finally took the step and got into hammock camping. I wish I had tried one out when it first became popular again. When I attended the 2018 New England Bushcraft show I met Micah George from N. E. Wilderness (an organization that teaches bushcraft in and around central/western Massachusetts) and Continue reading Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Review (Wilderness.
  2. WTB: Warbonnet BB XLC (preferred). Would consider Hennessy or Dutchware. 2 months ago: Warbonnect Wookie (XL) - Regular Lay: 3 months ago: WTB: Hammock gear: 3 months ago: WTB Warbonnet Ridge Runner: 4 months ago: FS: Warbonnet Wookie Underquilt 0° 4 months ago: Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Double Layer: 4 months ago: WTB: Warbonnet Wookie under.
  3. Buy Now - $495 Blackbird XLC. Bundles with 20% OFF Klymit V Pads: Buy Now - $715 Blackbird XLC with Klymit Standard V Pad. Buy Now - $755 Blackbird XLC with Klymit Insulated V Pad. Blackbird images courtesy Warbonnet Outdoor
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Top quilts are fairly universal, but bottom quilts work best when they mate with the design of your hammock. Warbonnet Outdoors makes this very simple by offering two primary underquilts.The Wooki fits their Blackbird, Blackbird XLC, Traveler, and Eldorado hammocks, while the Lynx is designed specifically for the bridge-style Ridgerunner hammock.. Photographs by the author. The Blackbird XLC and the Thunderfly are a good match for a steep shoreline and a narrow, tide-swept beach. T o preserve beautiful wild places for the future, visiting the wilderness is best done with minimal impact. The Blackbird XLC hammock by Warbonnet, a Colorado-based, family-owned business, is a flexible, all-weather camping system that leaves no mark on the. Warbonnet Outdoors Wooki Underquilt. Product Description. The Warbonnet Outdoors Wooki underquilt is a full-length insulator for the bottom of a hammock, replacing more difficult to use pads as a means to stay warm in a hammock, especially for sleeping. The underquilt is specifically designed for the Blackbird, Blackbird XLC, and Traveler hammock models that Warbonnet makes

Sigma 3 Survival and the Warbonnet Outdoors Team Winter Hammock Topcover: The winter hammock Topcover zips on in place of the updated XLC bugnetting. It is used in cooler weather to cut the wind and trap a little extra heat. It's made of a breathable, wind and water resistant 20 denier fabric XLC/Eldorado Underquilt protector: An Underquilt protector is a secondary layer of lightweight fabric that hangs below the underquilt and/or hammock bottom. It's useful in cooler weather to give extra wind and weather protection to your hammock bottom, and allows for the use of a smaller tarp than would otherwise be needed Warbonnet XLC Underquilt Protector. $115.00 Title. Default Title Quantity. Add to wishlist. About Warbonnet XLC Underquilt Protector *June 10, 2020* PLEASE READ Warbonnet is currently experiencing a very high volume of orders. If you place an order with us please be.

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Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock is the leader in the field of Hammock Camping with a superior flat-back sleeping position, including an innovative Foot Box. Blackbird XLC Hammock with Mosquito-Proof Double Floor. Hand-crafted with Pride in Colorado USA Fits up to: 210cm (7ft) with Flat-Back Desig Backpackinglight.se är scandinavians första och bästa lättviktsbutik. Här kan du köpa de bästa hängmattor och hammocks för camping och vandring. Varumärken som Warbonnet outdoors, Nemo equipment och Hennessy hammock, samt under quilts och top quilt The XLC is designed for you to lay in off-center, meaning your head is very close to the lower head end of the hammock, while your feet are farther away from the foot end. Before heading into the great outdoors, take look at the setup video, also available on the company's site. Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLC Price: $185-$285 Color: olive gree Overview. The Warbonnet Ridgerunner is a bridge-style hammock designed to have a flat, head-to-foot lay similar to all bridge hammocks. Unlike traditional gathered-end hammocks, a bridge hammock is designed more like a cot with the bed fabric spread apart with the use of bars on the head and foot ends Warbonnet Blackbird XLC hammock single layer Charcoal Gray. DreamTex 40 fabric. $180 2.) Dutchware Gear Whoopie Sling Suspension (5' Tree Huggers with 4' Whoopie Slings and Whoopie Hooks) $35 3.) Warbonnet Hammock Pillow, Charcoal Gray $30 4.) Warbonnet Superfly Tarp with 13' Ridgeline in Bushwhack Camo $19

Updated Warbonnet XLC Blackbird Hammock In-Depth Review

Warbonnet Blackbird XLC - Comparing/Contrasting We are spoiled to own both of them and have taken both on multiple backpacking trips and spent several nights in both of them. We always get asked about the comparisons between the two, so we decided to put together a video comparing/contrasting them Warbonnet Outdoors LLC - Bryant drive, Evergreen, Colorado 80439 - Rated 5 based on 35 Reviews As owner and head instructor at The Mountain Man's-True.. Amazon's Choice for warbonnet hammock. Hennessy Hammock - Expedition Series - The Hammock That Started The Hammock Camping Revolution. 4.6 out of 5 stars 415. $159.95 $ 159. 95. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. FREE Shipping by Amazon Looking for a Warbonnet underquilt protector for updated bb xlc. Would prefer the extra zipper mod. Color doesn't matter, price does! Let me know what you have If Warbonnet can figure out a way to reduce weight without sacrificing the design elements that make this hammock stand out from the pack, then go for it. I personally wouldn't want to lose the shelf or the footbox to save fabric, If you ever use an 11′ hammock like the Blackbird XLC or one from Dutchware it may be even more comfy

Warbonnet Blackbird XLC hammock Owner Review by Robb Pratt

  1. The BB is a great hammock. My wife and I have been using ours for 5 years now. The only other hammock my wife will use is a RidgeRunner by Warbonnet but she still prefers to spend the night in her BB. I have let several folks borrow a spare BB I have during group hangs and a few weeks later I find that they have order one. Its just a great hammock
  2. It's designed for use with Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock, (winner of SectionHiker Gear of the Year), the Blackbird XLC, Traveler, and Traveler XL models (see Warbonnet for product specs). Using a Wookie with a non-Warbonnet Hammock is possible, but will require a greater knowledge of hammock sizing and fiddling to get a good fit
  3. Warbonnet Website: https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/ SUBSCRIBE https://bit.ly/2UhlImu. FOLLOW ME http://www.instagram.com/livingsurvivalyoutube http://www.facebook.
  4. Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLC Hängmatta Hammockar & hängmöbler - visar egenskaper
  5. Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Lightweight double layer olive green has webbing straps with buckles and carabiners. Only setup at the house Decided to get the smaller blackbird. 175.00. Jan 29, 2020 at 10:26 am #3629211. Nick H. Member. @nickynjenny. Bump 165.00. Feb 4, 2020 at 5:17 pm #3629889. Nick H. Member. @nickynjenny

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Warbonnet BB XLC, Wooki XL Camo, Minifly Camo: 1 year ago: FS: Warbonnet Blackbird XLC: 1 year ago [WTS] Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Hammock & Warbonnet Superfly Tarp: 1 year ago [WTS] Warbonnet Wooki 0*, Blackbird XLC, Marmot Headwall Insulated Jacket (L), Hydrapak Shapeshift 3L Bladder, OR Seattle Sombrero (M Warbonnet Blackbird XLC 2 layer Hammock Posted on August 31, 2016 by admin The Blackbird XLC body is about roughly 132″x 63″ with an overall length ridgeline length of 111 which gives you about 11 inches of tarp overlap at each end of the hammock if using an eleven foot tarp NEW WARBONNET BLACKBIRD XLC HAMMOCK. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location Warbonnet Blackbird XLC. Updated model that can be flipped for left or right lay. Bought it this year to try and forego the spreader bars on my ridgerunner but still prefer it over the BB. Single layer Olive green Comes with Whoopie sling suspension and tree straps. Like new, has 2 nights on it. No smells. Adult owned Pretty much exactly as the title says, I want to buy the Warbonnet Blackbird XLC double layer 1.1 for my upcoming Appalachian Trail thru hike. I would buy it with or without the optional winter add-on (prefer with). Anyway if you have one to sell, or know of one being sold please let me know at stenger(dot)matt(at)gmail(dot).com. Thanks

Old style bushcraft camp site - Howie from BushcraftUSA #

Warbonnet Outdoors - Lightweight Camping Hammock

Warbonnet updated its flagship hammock, the Blackbird, this year and added a new model, the Blackbird XLC, but let's cut to the chase—we all... Review: Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Hammock | Northern Bus The XLC rev 2 has new zippers that allows compatibility with their top covers. Best to contact Brian at Warbonnet's. Since your XLC is rev 1, they will ask you to send your hammock and top cover in order to match the zippers. Warbonnet has excellent after sales service . Let us know how it goe The Blackbird XLC is our most popular model, it's a larger, modular version of the Warbonnet Blackbird and fits users up to 6'6 ″. The above wording is straight from Brandon, and his team at Warbonnet Outdoors. Blackbird XLC offered: Blackbird XLC Style: Single Layer XLCHammock Fabric: 40D Dream Tex NylonColour: Dark Foliage GreenSuspension Options: None View the full product details on the. I would like to purchase a warbonnet blackbird XLC. I have the original blackbird and I think the extra width and length would give me a better sleep in the XLC. Thank you! Author. Posts. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Log In. Username: Password

I have a warbonnet xlc setup with tarp w/doors and 20 degree underquilt. Basically all that is needed except stakes. I will sell for 70% of what I paid for it all. Used a couple times, very excellent condition. I've found I sleep just as well on the ground with slightly lighter tent. If someone is interested, I will double check the specs and come up with a fair cost I would prefer to sell this as a package deal. I purchased this setup to enable a family member to go on a camping trip, and my second DH will be here soon, and, I don't need three....

8 days in Southern New Zealand

Hammock Camping Gear Setup - Warbonnet Blackbird XLC

The Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock is a true camping hammock, not a leisure model for backyard use. It is designed to be suspended between two sturdy trees or poles in the backcountry. It includes an integrated bug net for summer use, and the model I am testing has a sleeve for a pad beneath the sleeper for warmth Warbonnet Blackbird XLC in new condition. Information in next post. May 10, 2017 at 11:50 am #3467312. brent driggers. BPL Member. @cadyak. Locale: southwest georgia. I just purchased and received this in the last week. I set it up for about an hour in my yard and then put it back in the stuff sack Storm Test - Warbonnet Superfly Tarp and Blackbird XLC Hammock. from Charles Skorupa Plus . 5 years ago. We had an unusually severe late summer storm with high winds and very heavy rains. So I thought it would be a good time to test my gear. I slept in it for several nights and got pounded by rain as well Warbonnet Superfly tarp er deres største og mest populære model og passer sammen med alle deres hængekøjer. Den kommer med indbygget døre i enderne, så det er muligt at lukke den helt til i en teltformation også sammen med brug af hængekøje

hammocks 101 Warbonnet Outdoor

Going to Ground In Warbonnet Superfly and Blackbird-XLC Hammock. from Charles Skorupa Plus . 5 years ago. Sometimes there are not trees available to hang the hammock. This video is a test to see how I intend to deal with that despite setting up in the rain Warbonnet syr selv køjerne, og det giver naturligvis lidt ventetid (i skrivende stund 1-2 ugers ventetid på en XLC model). Som vi også nævner i videoen, skal man f.eks. bestille Winter Cover med, for at den passer på netop din hængekøje. Det er ikke masse producerede hængekøjer, men et håndlavet, high-end produkt. Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Hammock. Warbonnet Superfly Tarp Hammock Cover. It's about 9 feet long. Yes it has a double layer bottom, see photo. It has a bug net. It has a cover to zip up too, along with the bug net covering The Warbonnet SuperFly Tarp is simply the best lightweight tarp we have ever used. It is a great tarp for the Blackbird XLC hammock, but it is also just as good all by itself for those who like to ground camp. It is 11'x10' and packs up smaller than a nalgene bottle, one of the smallest most compressible tarps we have ever used

American Made Hammock | Blackbird XLC | WarBonnet Outdoors Warbonnet Outdoors. by wanderdonkey. 25 votes. Clark Jungle Hammock TraceLite. by prairiewizard19. 16 votes. ENO Sub7. by a community member. 13 votes. The GO! Camping Hammock - Go Outfitters by TaKeNoTeS. 7 votes. Blackbird XLC + Winter cover option The Warbonnet Blackbird XLC - but not the regular-length Blackbird- has a zipper which runs around the entire perimeter of the hammock and allows the mosquito net to be removed entirely. This allows the mosquito net to be removed entirely in bug-free times of year, or replaced with a zip-on top cover to keep in additional warmth in cold weather I then tried a BB and in minutes was relaxing in comfort. The weight difference from one to the other is in part that HH does not account for some of the suspension components in it's listed weight, Warbonnet takes into account all of the hammock including the suspension. Kind of like a tent company not counting the poles as part of the weight Warbonnet vintercover til Warbonnets nye modeller af deres bestseller XLC hængekøjen. Vintercoveret kommer i OD grøn og kan udskiftes med myggenettet ppå din XLC hængekøje, således at du skabe et mikroklima og holder bedre på varmen på vinterturerne. Vintercoveret er vind og vand afvisende ( ikke 100% vandtæt ) og lavet i 20 denier nylon The Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock is a camping hammock with a permanently attached mosquito netting that provides insect protection and excellent ventilation. Available in single layer or double layer styles, the Blackbird is sized for people up to 6' in height and weighing up to 400 lbs

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